Confront your fears, list them, get to know them, and only then will you be able to put them aside and move ahead.

Jerry Gillies  –


If You are looking to our website, in ” about ” menu, you will found a word ” FEAR

Most of you will frowned… why using ” fear ” word ( some of my office-mate Andrew and Vincent )

So, Let me tell you why ? here we go….

I’ve found Overdream Production for 12 years, At least i could find some ” fear ” from my previous Clients ( thank to them )

Ok, let’s get started, and i hope it will help your “fear” indeed 🙂 

#1 Fear : Your BIG DAY party is messed up

  • Overdream Production had a working system, which is every each crew is a specialist, so there is no multi-tasking job.
  • Our Crews are qualified ( we have many kind of training, from beginner training until advance training ) and exclusive ( None of them able to working at other company )
  • Overdream Production is an Event Organizer with 12 years experienced, so we already have a system that has been tested successfully made all kinds of problems under control

#2 Fear : Not being well taken care of by The W.O ( Wedding Organizer )

  • Overdream Production have a clarity about organizational structure, which is that one party would be executed by a team and not individuals, and also will be monitored by a manager.
  • Overdream Production’s mission is to provide quality service and creative party that exceeds dreams of the client themselves, in accordance with the philosophy of the company name.

#3 Fear : Afraid that the party is too mainstream and boring

  • Overdream Production have an independent creative team, which will provide a unique concept and personal for your own party ( our mission is : each and every party will have a “Couple Taste” concept ) 
  • Many clients and vendors are agree with ONE THING : the concept of a party that we made are more interesting and unique

#4 Fear : Your Guests are leaving the party before the end.

  • Our goal is to make your guests stay until the end of the party, That our concern and priorities.
  • We will bring your guests into a “Good Mood” state, starting from they are entering the ballroom, so it would affects their mood until the end of party.
  • One thing that you must realize, ” WE CAN’T DO ANYTHING TO PREVENT THEM ” Why ??? Because every each guest has their reasons , maybe there have other invitation, kids left at home alone, and so on.

#5 Fear : Many Guest Will Not Come

  • BE POSITIVE !!!  From our statistic show that more guests is coming than not coming to our client’s party.

#6 Fear : The WO will gain a lot of money from you

  • Precisely You will PAY NOTHING to use the Overdream Production’s services. HOW COME ?? because we will help to give you the best price with the best quality. That could happens because we already have an extensive network.

#7 Fear : Uncomfortable with the Project Manager of W.O

  • We are Ready to Replace That Project Manager ! But our Manager will ask you first, what causes the lack of comfort, Is there any better solution than the replacement. And if we can’t found another solution, then in accordance with the commitments and consequences, we are ready to replace the position of Project Manager.

#8 Fear : Food is BAD

  • One thing that You must remember, ” Every People have different taste of food ” You can’t make everyone happy here. But Always be positive, that our statistic once again show that more guests are loving with the food then the haters.
  • Our Main Priority is that the Food Distribution is well maintained. We control our food from the first menu till dessert. So our guests wouldn’t had any feeling that the food distribution is  too slow or too fast. Gladly Overdream Production have a Time Management system for your problem 🙂

#9 BAD Make Up or I’M a FATTY \(!!˚☐˚)/ \(˚☐˚!!)/ \(!!˚☐˚)/

  • Cheers up girl !!! Have Confidence !! You are the most gorgeous bride ever… You are QUEEN of the dayyyy….. Trust me, most of your friends, family, or anyone will comment that you are Gorgeous and Marvellous… Dare to make a bet ??? 😀

Well that were some of the fears of our clients . And  if  you have another fear, except what I mentioned above , maybe you want to tell me, what are you afraid of or so worried about. Believe me, I will try to help you to find a solution. You can send e-mail to my personal account ( ) I will try as soon as possible to help you resolve your problem.


BUT ….
At our website, in ” about ” menu, it also contains the word FRUSTRATION … is it ??? Well stay tuned, I’ll share my stories and experiences … Prepare your popcorn 😀