Hello Again….

It’s been a busy week lately…. but now i am ready to share with you, about my story…

Do you guys remember about my last story ? about 9 Fears ??? 

At the last, i told you about frustration ( you can check on our website )

Now here we go, about (our precious client ) Wedding Frustration, and i hope after you read my story below, i can help to throw away your problem….

i called it 6 FRUSTRATIONS

  • #1 Frustration : Lack of Time

Overdream is the best solution if you don’t have enough time! Because we will be the one doing everything related to your party. You’ll just have to sit down, and take cup of your favorite coffee or tea. And we will give you the result you want.


  • #2 Frustration : Busy / Don’t Have Time

The burden of planning your party will be taken over to Overdream. Go ahead! Do your best and concentrate on your work. While we on the other hand, will do our best at our job, and give you the best result there is, the success of your party.


  • #3 Frustration : Blank / Have no Idea

We have a creative team that will always be ready to help you realize your dream party, even a party that will exceed your own dream.

We have a reputation as a Wedding Organizer that makes parties with superb uniqueness and creativity. That reputation is well recognized by our clients and vendors.


  • #4 Frustration :Complicated Wedding Preparation

There are indeed many things to do, and a lot of it is complicated, to prepare your wedding day. But here, we have a background of 12 years of experience, a proven work system that without a doubt, will make you feels happy and excited in planning and preparing your wedding day. Fun is our mission.


  • #5 Frustration : Many Things to Do

There is indeed a lot of things to do in preparing a party. But, again, we have a proven system in making a classification of that many things into a list of priorities that will help you a lot.


  • #6 Frustration : Out of Budget

Budget is a thing that we prioritized. We will try to optimize the budget of your party, that in the end, you will only spend your money for things worth buying.


So if you’ve got at least 1 point from those 6, then you should send me a email ( ) Hope i could help you to solve your frustration make you stress-free. Cheers… see you at next story…